Lost Treasure Hunters



The Lost Treasure Hunters

Sam Speerstra - "Leader" - As the leader of the expedition, extreme prospector Speerstra has dedicated nearly his whole life to finding lost treasures and has spent the last 14 years searching for the lost diamond mines of Golconda. Speerstra believes this is the most important mission of his life.

Dave McCracken - "Underwater Miner" - McCracken, a former Navy Seal, is one of the best underwater miners around. Speersta has known McCracken for 30-some years and is convinced he could be the key to locating underwater diamonds that were never accessible before.

Rob Towner -- "Engineer/Mechanic" - Towner is a modern-day MacGyver who knows everything there is to know about mining machinery. He has worked in India before, so he knows the lay of the land and is no stranger to the challenges set before him.

Dr. Steve Newbery - "Geologist" - Newbery has an extraordinary grasp of geology and the latest technology that can help pinpoint the source of the diamonds.

Susanna Girolamo - "The Apprentice" - This is Girolamo's first major expedition with Speerstra, but her proficiency for languages, experience with third-world medical missions and her logistical skills serve her well as translator, medic and logistics coordinator.

Animal Planet’s Lost Treasure Hunters Written by Larissa Rzemienski   // July 24, 2012

Description:They're real-life Indiana Joneses -- but for profit rather than posterity. In this series, prospector Sam Speerstra and his team of treasure hunters investigate the clues left by ancient civilizations, then go in search of long-lost riches. Their work begins in an ancient Indian city believed to have been the source of some of the world's most valuable diamonds, including the Hope diamond. Legend has it that the diamond mines of Golconda were depleted 250 years ago, but Speerstra believes the area is still rich with gems. He has dedicated his life to finding them, and this is his final chance, for the impending construction of a dam will soon erase the mines from the Indian landscape.


Episode One : Diamond Fever
Air time:on Animal Planet 
Premiere date: July 27 6.00pm


A team of world-class prospectors explore India in search of the lost diamond mines of Golconda. Following a trail of clues left behind by ancient miners on land, as well as geological evidence underwater, the team discovers their first diamonds. Sam and his elite team of prospectors travel to India to search for the lost diamond mines of Golconda. After following several clues, the team explores a potential site around the Krishna River where they make a promising discovery of a temple used by ancient miners.


Episode Two : The Hunt is on

Air time:on Animal Planet 
Premiere date: July 27 7.00pm


The Hunt is On :- After discovering what they believe to be evidence of ancient mining, the team digs in for some real diamond prospecting. With Rob’s help, Dave dives in a 30 ft deep section of river while Sam, Steve, and Susanna break ground on a land site that Sam believes is rich with valuable stones.


Episode Three : The Golconda Curse

Air time:on Animal Planet 
Premiere date: July 27 8.00pm


The Golconda Curse :- With the expedition in jeopardy, Sam and Steve join forces to follow up clues from a translated Sanskrit scroll, and discover evidence of old mining activity which leads them to the possible source of the diamond mines of Golconda! Rob, Dave, and Susanna get off to a slow start on the water and when they fi nally begin the first dredging operation of the expedition, disaster strikes and a member of the India crew is nearly killed.



Episode Four : Mutiny

Air time:on Animal Planet 
Premiere date: July 27 9.00m


Mutiny :- Sam, Steve and Susanna begin work on a new dig site that Steve believes is above the source, but a fi ght amongst the tired crew shuts them down for the day. Underwater mining operations are brought to a halt when a local spots a crocodile nearby. Later that night, Dave and Rob discover the team’s biggest diamond yet, but the land team is not to be out done when they fi nd three diamonds in a pile of dirt from the new dig site!



Episode Five : Rocks to Riches

Air time:on Animal Planet 
Premiere date: July 27 10.00m


Rocks to Riches :- The team learns that the seasonal monsoon is approaching which will shut them down in less than four days. After they fail to discover any diamonds due to a promising dirt pile being contaminated by topsoil, their next load proves they are in fact right about the diamond rich source when they discover a pocket of gem quality stones. The ultimate discovery of a 25-carat diamond convinces the team it’s time to call the expedition ahead of the storm, and tally up their earthly riches



Episode One : Diamond Fever
Air time:on Animal Planet 
Premiere date:December 23, 2012

Lost Treasure Hunters: Searching for Golconda Diamond Mines
Charisse Van Horn, RR.com Original

Tonight’s premiere of Lost Treasure Hunters featured Sam Speerstra and his team as they traveled down India's Krishna River in search of the lost, diamond mines of Golconda. It didn't take long before expedition leader, Sam Speerstra and group rejoiced in the diamonds they found.

Lost Treasure Hunters starring Sam Speerstra and Dave McCracken airs on Animal Planet Sundays at 11:00 pm ET.

Real-Life Indiana Jones Team Travels to India in Search of Diamonds

I enjoyed Lost Treasure Hunters and the search for the diamond mines of India's ruined city, Golconda. The show featured an expedition team led by Sam Speerstra who has searched for the diamond mines for the past 14 years. It was easy to see that finding the mines is his lifelong mission and in this premiere episode, success was found.

Speerstra is considered an extreme prospector and is in charge of the hunt. As any woman enjoys diamonds, ancient legend has it that the diamond mines of Golconda provided some of the world's most beautiful and valuable diamonds. It has even been said that the legendary Hope diamond came from the elusive Golconda diamond mines.

Lost Treasure Hunters Team Members

While Sam Speerstra leads the team, the expedition would be a failure if it weren't for the expertise of the crew. Dave McCracken has an important role on the team, as he is the underwater miner. Speerstra and McCracken have been friends for three decades and Dave dived into the waters of the Krishna River to help find clues as to where the diamond mine's source could be.

The team wouldn't be complete without Rob Towner. We saw Rob and Dave together in the episode and Rob is familiar with India, making him a vital part of the group. He is also an engineer and provided valuable insight into the journey. Rob Towner has the skills needed to make sure equipment is operating and functional throughout the expedition.

While the team continually found diamonds that were valuable, their main goal was to find the diamond mines' source. Dr. Steve Newbery is another important and highly valuable team member as he is a geologist and along with Rob, has invaluable skills that the team is depending on to locate the diamond mines.

The only female team member is Susanna Girolamo and she is referred to as the apprentice. This was Susanna's first expedition with the team and she brings multiple aspects to the groups as she speaks multiple languages and serves as a translator. Susanna has also served in third-world countries on multiple medical missions.

Bringing Myth Into Reality

The show was very exciting, as the legends of the Golconda diamond mines have endured for hundreds of years; however, no one knows where the mines are. As locals and team members continued to find diamonds, it was evident the legends were true and that with their skill, technique and ingenuity, they would soon uncover the location of the mines. The show also featured the importance of the team working together in order to achieve one goal. As the team discovered an ancient temple believed to have been used by miners, it was clear they were on the right track.

Race Against Time: Searching for Diamonds

In addition to the exciting nature of the program, several elements also made the show fun to watch. The team has to beat the monsoons that would put a quick halt to their search, so they are working at a quick pace. Also fascinating to watch was how the team relied on the maps used by ancient miners to find clues to the mines. The combination of ancient mining tools with new, modern devices added a unique element to the show. It really has an Indiana Jones feel and it could have easily been Harrison Ford leading the expedition to the lost mines.


Lost Treasure Hunters is quality, reality television. These treasure hunters aren't actors and a Google search of the team members brings up extensive histories and credentials that validate the crew and the show.