Updated May 2013


For what its worth here are my ideas on entropy and the possibility of time travel.  Have the gurus got it the wrong way around.?


• A renewable universe vs infinitive entropy. A case for circular time over the arrow of time.


• That the greatest state of entropy occurs immediately after the big bang.

• Everything subsequent is a progression toward increasing order.

• Everything we see is a transient point of equilibrium in the state of progression. These are natural localised processes of order due to process and condition. Water going to ice is a progression in order due to a change of condition. Ice to water is a return to order in a different condition.

• These are fully reversible events through progression and from which time can be perceived as being reversed.

• All natural processes are in fact a progression towards order and a minimum state of entropy using a multitude of transient methodologies at all scales.

• The formation of planets, stars and galaxies are expressions of increasing order through natural process.  They represent nucleation  sites driven by natural energy as such they form,  un-form and form again. All are eddies of increased low entropy on a journey to ultimate low entropy.

• Black holes are the ultimate expression of the progression to low entropy focussing all light energy and matter into a single entity.

• Progressive formation of black 
holes will result in coalescence ultimately resulting in a single black hole containing all energy and matter in the Universe at a single point.

• This point of singularity will upon achieving critical mass result in the big bang and a return to momentary maximum entropy followed by progressive return to order.

• Therefore the space time continuum is circular, progressive and infinite originating and returning to the point of singularity.

• True entropy and false entropy are defined by the source of energy.  Energy derived through natural processes drives True Entropy or energy derived through unnatural process drives False Entropy.

• True entropy plus natural process is reversible through repetition, false entropy is not.

• Repetition through process results in a similar product but not identical product.

• Time is just an expression of process.  A measure of the cycle of procession.

• Process as nature shows us is circular. Therefore time is circular.

• Existence is transient in process and therefore transient in time. 

• Hence no two processes can occupy the same space and time.

• False entropy plus natural process results in a return to true entropy.

• Man-made order is an unnatural process bound by induced energy and will always revert to its original state if conditions permit.

• A breaking glass reverting toward sand by the release of falsely trapped energy.  This is not a reversible process without unnatural process.

• An arrow fired by a bow is driven by induced energy and cannot return.  By definition an unnatural process.

• Air moving in the same direction driven by natural energy can return.  This a natural process.

• So to go back in time (any given process or event) you have to go forward in process to a point earlier in the next repetition event.  However material reality will not be identical.

• The speed of process can be varied by the addition of natural energy. So in theory time is variable and relative.  This in reality slows time of one process relative to another.

• A unit of Time can therefore  be defined as the length of any given process to completion. ProcessTime =ProcessEvent + Energy required to drive the process.

• For the purpose of this discussion.  If the Ultimate Process and therefore Event is big bang to big bang then  time can be defined as UPT=Sum of  All PE + energy.

• Speed of expansion of the Cosmos is a consequence of the Initial energy release from big bang expansion giving way to increasing acceleration due to gravitational collapse and compression (driven by increasing numbers of black holes). In effect a giant centrifuge driven by the cumulative effect of multiple black holes with matter at the periphery initially being thrown further and further away traveling faster and faster. A merry-go-round effect.

• Eventual gravitational collapse of the entire cosmos back into a giant single black hole represents the culmination of the process and the precursor to the next big bang cycle.

• If we travel to an equivalent slower moving process domain and then return to our origin process domain we may have been away a matter of hours by the travel clock but the origin clock will have gained years.  However the Traveller's body clock continues to run accordingly to the origin clock and will age by the equivalent amount during the travel time.  T
herefore experiences rapid aging not prolonged youthfulness